Peace of Mind at Home or Away!  

Peace of mind is the key to relaxation, and your home should be the one place where you can really relax.  Security systems have really not changed too much over the past 20 years, but what has changed is the ability of a Smart Home system to interact with the security system and get you, the user, information faster.  A security system should be standard in all homes, even if it is not monitored, in order to give you a basic line of protection.  One area that has changed dramatically is the security camera.  Security cameras have changed from a traditional analog system to an IP system that provides high-resolution quality with immediate remote access for cameras viewing anywhere in the world.  These IP cameras are also easily pulled into your Smart Home App giving your instant access to what is happening at your home.

” Keep your family safe; at home or away. ”
Stand Alone or Integrated Smart Security Systems

Smart Security

Both the traditional security system and your IP cameras can be pulled into a Smart Home system for enhanced features.  The experts at Sounds Good can use the security system and motion detection on IP cameras to provide advance automation to your home.  One example would be programming your hall lights to turn on to 30% brightness if they security motion detector sees motion after sunset.  This is helpful when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night or when your hands are full and you cannot reach the light switches.

Security Cameras

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The cost of IP cameras can range but there is something for everyone. Having the experts at Sounds Good install even just two (2) cameras at your home (front yard and rear yard) can enhance your home’s security through deterrence and having the ability to remotely check your home from anywhere in the world. In addition to viewing the cameras, Sounds Good can also install a network video recorder or NVR to record the cameras in the event you need to review something that happened to your home. On the lighter side of things we also have clients who have us provide them with wireless cameras that can move around the house for the purpose of viewing their animals while they are at work. Whatever the reason, cameras can certainly increase piece of mind which will make coming home and leaving home much more enjoyable.

Door Locks

The experts at Sounds Good utilize new Smart Locks from Yale and KwikSet to further enhance your security and smart home experience. With a smart door lock you can give everyone in your home their own unique door code. You can also give people who work for you access to your home on a limited basis while tracking and being notified of their usage. You can even have the system email or text you when your kids arrive home. One of the coolest ways we use door locks is to create events for our customers based on unique codes. For example, one of our clients likes a path of light to go from the garage door to the living room and his tv to be on to ESPN when he enters a specific code in the door lock.

Automated Main Water Shutoff

Piece of mind no matter where you are.

Closing your cottage for the season or for the week while you're not there just got easier and safer. Avoid small leaks & major water damage by shutting off the main water feed to your property from anywhere with internet access.

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