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Home Networking / WiFi

It is hard to imagine a family home with out Wi-Fi or Internet access these days.  This relatively new phenomena has given access to an entire world of online music and video content.  This content puts a crazy amount of strain on your home network especially when you have multiple users in your home trying to access music services, like Spotify and video services, like Netflix, all at the same time. In addition to the content you are streaming or downloading, your new Smart Home system also depends on your home network’s Wi-Fi system to function correctly and if you have a party with 25 or more people you now have 25 additional devices talking to your Wi-Fi system.

A property installed and serviced Home Network has never been as important as it is today. Trust our professionals to setup your home network and WiFi system that will ensure your are Always Connected!  

Which router should I use? 

If you want to have a fast, stable and secure home network you cannot rely on a free 2 in one Modem / router from your service provider nor a $50 router from the big box store.  We always recommend that you invest in an enterprise or high-end residential network router.
The experts at Sounds Good are younger than most in the industry but this gives us an advantage because we have only ever known a world with high performance network needs.  Since we opened our doors in 2007 we have been ensuring that the wires and equipment we choose for residential and commercial networking are high end and future proof.

Networking power & distribution 

Since 2007 Sounds Good has been specifying 1000MB networking equipment in order to prepare for the our upcoming dependence with online content. The equipment we specify is smart enough to regulate how your network power is distributed throughout your system, such as, giving a lite amount of power to someone reading an online newspaper and 90% of the power to someone streaming an online movie or television show.

” Always Connected . ”
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