Improve Your Health By Unplugging Outdoors

Outdoor TV Installation

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After a long day, it can feel challenging to get outside for fresh air and sunshine. You could be too exhausted for an evening walk or too excited to unplug and watch what happens next on your favourite show.

While the health benefits of daily sunshine may not lure you to your deck, an outdoor TV may be the temptation you've needed to migrate your after-work lifestyle outdoors.

We help homeowners enjoy more of the outdoors, with high-quality, reliable outdoor TV systems that withstand the elements year-round.

When we install your outdoor TV, you:

  • Won’t sacrifice image quality for convenience
  • Will have a TV that withstands the elements year-round
  • Will avoid the glare from the harsh sunlight
  • Will improve your health by spending more time outdoors

Our Four-Step Plan To Installing Your Outdoor TV



Book a consultation and let us help answer your questions and imagine solutions to install a new outdoor TV — without overreaching your budget.



We will work together to design your home’s outdoor TV layout that will maintain your clean, modern aesthetic while providing the comfort you envisioned. 



We will come to your home and install your systems over a typical 1-4 day period. 



Following installation, a lead technician will walk you through your system to ensure you are satisfied and confident in operating your outdoor TV.

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Explore the Benefits of Installing Outdoor TV

Withstanding The Elements

Dedicated outdoor TVs are designed to withstand the elements including humidity, dust, freezing and heat. 

Enhanced Outdoor Brightness

Outdoor TVs offer enhanced brightness to battle against harsh lighting conditions. While proper placement is necessary to reduce glare, outdoor TVs will prevent you from straining your eyes while watching sports or other events outdoors.

Connect to Screening Services

Our outdoor TVs effortlessly connect to your streaming services, allowing you to enjoy content from the same platforms you access indoors.

Solutions & Guarantees  vs Products & Promises

In your integrated home automation system, there are a multitude of technologies that come together to improve your in-home living. Sleeping better, saving energy, feeling safer — there are numerous benefits to what a smart home can offer you and your family. When we interconnect individual smart devices on your home’s network, we create a reliable solution for you to live better. 

When it comes to smart home technology, no one can promise their system will never malfunction. 

To continue to provide you with the full benefit of your system, software and firmware updates will need to be made, and eventually your system will require maintenance. To support you, we designed an industry-leading proactive support program to back our customer-centric approach and guarantee your system.

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