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Sounds Good is Your Technology Partner for Entertainment, Comfort, Wellness & Security technology solutions. Based in Oakville, Ontario we partner with, and support clients all over Southern Ontario.

Working collaboratively with you and/or your designer, architect, builder etc. we will help you design a simple & fun system that will use technology as a medium for enhanced lifestyle solutions. You will enjoy the use of a system that evolves as you evolve.  If you can dream it, you can live it, At Home!

Company History

Established in 2007 by Robert & Nikki May; we are more than just your average smart home company.

As a proudly family owned and operated business, we started Sounds Good based on our passion for Technology. Since the beginning our focus has always been to share our knowledge with our clients. This knowledge allows you to make stress free and educated decisions. Establishing and maintaining long lasting positive relationships with our clients is our ultimate goal.

We are proud to offer our clients with industry leading installations, a professional and complete product mix & award winning customer service.

Sounds Good is a Family; and we would love for you to be a part of it! 

Mission Statement

As technology experts, we provide premium entertainment, comfort and security solutions to families for an enhanced smart home lifestyle.

Sounds Good AVS Solutions Inc. is proud to be a member of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association).  Being CEDIA members lets our clients know that we are serious about our profession and we are striving to be associated with the best organizations and companies with in our industry.  Visit Website 

Owners  Care More.

Sounds Good offers one huge advantage over its competitors.  On every single Sounds Good job site there will always be at least one (1) company owner.  No one will ever care as much as an owner and this care has been paramount to Sounds Good’s success and will continue to be for the existence of the company.

The owners at Sounds Good take great pride in the products and service they sell to the point that this is not really a job for them, this is their life, their hobby and their passion. As much as the Sounds Good Experience Centre in Oakville benefits the customers, it also benefits the owners who are constantly testing new products to make sure you are receiving the best equipment for your
budget.  Having the controlled environment for testing allows the professionals at Sounds Good to always test
with multiple pieces of equipment.  Side by Side testing is the only way to experience and understand the pros and cons
or difference pieces of equipment and unless you are lucky enough to come across the crazy owners at Sounds Good you have not found someone with relevant experience.

Our Oakville Experience Centre

Sounds Good AVS Solutions Inc. is the number one Custom Home Theatre, Music System and Smart Home Company in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe.  We have a one of a kind experience centre in Oakville, Ontario.  Conveniently located off of the QEW, it is an easy commute for both our clients in the GTA and the Golden Horseshoe. 

Products We Sell

At Sounds Good we have always strived to offer our clients the most comprehensive selection of products that we have fully tested and which offer the best warranties, support and value. That being said, the amount of products available to choose from for custom design and installation is still very large.  The experts at Sounds Good take a lot of pride and enjoyment in being able to listen to customer’s needs, in addition to getting to know a customers personality and then matching them with the perfect pieces of equipment.  Without the impressive mix of products we have hand selected Sounds Good would not be able to maintain such consistently high reviews on HomeStars so you can be confident in your selections.

Custom Installation

The pride of Sounds Good is our unrivalled installation capabilities. What makes Sounds Good so unique is our commitment to always having at least one (1) company manager on every job site, every time.  Unlike other companies who may send different technicians for pre-wire, trim out and for programming. Sounds Good is commitment to having one (1) technician be part of every job from conception to completion.  This will maximize your budget by eliminating the inefficiencies of sending different people unfamiliar with the fine details of the project. Sounds Good project managers are trained in multiple areas including home construction and framing, building codes and electrical codes, allowing them to be highly skilled in both new construction project design and existing construction retro-fit.

Award Winning Customer Service

Sounds Good is committed to always providing the highest level of customer service possible. Sounds Good wants to create long-term relationships with their clients and we understand that these relationships start with customers being confident they will receive high quality custom service.  Most of the equipment that Sounds Good recommends for its systems can be accessed remotely which allows Sounds Good to pro-actively respond to and instantly respond to more than 95% of system hic-ups. At Sounds Good we understand that our customers require their technology to be consistent and reliable and when it malfunctions it can lead to serious frustration, for that reason Sounds Good does and will always respond to malfunctions in the faster possible manner.

Sounds Good are award winning members of HomeStars.com, and maintain a 9.9 out of 10 customer satisfaction rating.

We are also members in good standing with the Milton and Oakville Chambers of Commerce.

Maximum Value

Sounds Good has always taken maximum amounts of pleasure in taking a budget and maximizing the value of that budget.  What that means to us is spending your budget in the right places; matching the right amplifiers to the right speakers, and making sure you don’t pay for feature you don’t need or will never use.  Our goals are to; 1-make sure you get the best products that will meet your needs and last for a long time,  2-help you avoid the fly by night companies that will waste your money and mess up your home, 3-make sure your system is so simple to use that you actually use it all the time with total confidence.

Knowledge, Upgrade, Expandability

Sounds Good is constantly testing and re-testing and comparing equipment and new models to make sure we have the highest level of knowledge to share about the products we sell and systems we design.  We have consistently found that our customers that fully understand the multiple parts of their systems end up using there systems from day one (1) with high levels of confidence and enjoyment.  Sounds Good designs systems that can be easily upgraded over the years either with software upgrade or processor upgrades if desired.  In addition, all of our systems offer expandability options so your system can continue to evolve with you and your lifestyle.

Commitment to Excellence

At Sounds Good we consider ourselves to be the absolute best and we take this consideration very seriously. For us this means we always go the extra mile, under promise and over deliver and work harder than anyone else in our industry.  For the most part this comes very easy to us, because we love what we do so much, we regularly joke that we make a living having fun!  We honestly cannot wait to get to work everyday and we have a hard time tearing ourselves away at the end of the day.  This level of enjoyment and commitment will always result in an excellent final product.  We look forward to serving you.

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