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Outdoor Sound System Installation

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Your single bluetooth speaker can feel overpowering to family and friends at your backyard get-togethers. Guests that are too far away can’t hear your favourite tunes, and if they can — so do your neighbours. The quality isn’t nearly as good as your indoor system, and if the two systems aren't connected, the playlist ends at the door.

We help homeowners enjoy more of the outdoors, with high-fidelity, reliable outdoor sound systems.

When we build your outdoor sound system, you can trust that:

  • Your guests won’t feel overpowered by your speakers
  • Friends on the lawn will be tuned in — while your neighbours are tuned out  
  • Your indoor and outdoor systems will integrate, so no one skips a beat

Our Three-Step Plan To Improve Your Outdoor Sound



Book a consultation and let us help answer your questions while working together to create a custom solution.



We will work together to design your home’s outdoor sound system that will maintain your clean, aesthetic while providing the sound fidelity and control you need outside. 



We will come to your home and install your sound system over a typical 1-4 day period. 



Following installation, a lead technician will walk you through your outdoor sound system to ensure you are satisfied and confident in operating your system.

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Explore the Benefits of Installing Outdoor Speakers

More Sounds With Less Complaints

When you're playing tunes at your backyard party, it can be difficult to navigate your system's volume — turn it too low and your guests can't hear, too high and you disturb your neighbours. To achieve the volume you need without disrupting your neighbours, the solution is minimising your guests' proximity to your speakers. More units spread across your backyard allows guests to be closer to your music, while allowing you to turn the volume lower. We recommend a 4.1 system, which means 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

Designed for the Elements

Outdoor speakers are designed to withstand humidity, water, heat, UV rays, and freezing temperatures. Outdoor speakers come in all shapes and sizes. You have options where speakers can resemble landscape lighting, rocks, planters, and coconuts.

SONOS Wireless Speakers

Your music doesn't need to end at the door. While we don't install Sonos speakers outdoors, we integrate your in-home Sonos speaker system with dedicated outdoor speakers — so no one skips a beat. Even if you started small, you could still go big with your sound system outside!

Learn More about Sonos Speakers

Solutions & Guarantees  vs Products & Promises

In your integrated home automation system, there are a multitude of technologies that come together to improve your in-home living. Sleeping better, saving energy, feeling safer — there are numerous benefits to what a smart home can offer you and your family. When we interconnect individual smart devices on your home’s network, we create a reliable solution for you to live better. 

When it comes to smart home technology, no one can promise their system will never malfunction. 

To continue to provide you with the full benefit of your system, software and firmware updates will need to be made, and eventually your system will require maintenance. To support you, we designed an industry-leading proactive support program to back our customer-centric approach and guarantee your system.

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