Wake Up To Natural Sunlight Even If You Are Too Tired to Open Your Blinds

Motorized Blinds

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When you want privacy in your home, running around to close your blinds at night can feel like a marathon — and you'll have to open them all again in the morning. You want privacy without the workout, and natural light to shine through your windows and give you energy in the morning.

We help homeowners live comfortably with motorized shading solutions that take the effort out of achieving a mix of privacy and natural sunlight.

With our motorized blinds, you can trust that:

  • Your system will work for you — day and night
  • Your furniture and floors will be protected from harmful UV rays
  • You will save energy on heating and cooling

Our Three-Step Plan To Motorize Your Blinds



Book a consultation and let us help answer your questions while working together to create a custom solution.



We will work together to find the right motorized blind system that will maintain your clean, modern aesthetic while providing the control you envisioned. 



After 1-4 days of installation, a lead technician will walk you through your home’s motorized blind system to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

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Explore the Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Live Healthier With Natural Light

There are numerous health benefits of natural light, ranging from your body's absorption of vitamin D, to the improvement of your sleep. Take the effort out of opening and closing your blinds, with a motorized shading system that syncs to astronomical clocks to know exactly when sunrise and sunset occur. With the addition of a light sensor our experts can help you find the most comfortable amount of light for each room and program the lights and shades to work together to always maintain that perfect level of light.

Protect Your Investments From Harmful UV Rays

Hardwood flooring, rugs, instruments and artwork are susceptible to damage by the sun’s UV rays.  Shading solutions protect against harmful UV rays, while allowing up to 90% of the sun’s natural light though.

Increase Efficiency and Save Money

Reduce the use of your heating and cooling systems, with motorized blinds that respond to the temperature of your home. Your blinds can stay open longer in the winter to let more heat in, and stay closed in the summer to keep the heat out.

Solutions & Guarantees  vs Products & Promises

In your integrated home automation system, there are a multitude of technologies that come together to improve your in-home living. Sleeping better, saving energy, feeling safer — there are numerous benefits to what a smart home can offer you and your family. When we interconnect individual smart devices on your home’s network, we create a reliable solution for you to live better. 

When it comes to smart home technology, no one can promise their system will never malfunction. 

To continue to provide you with the full benefit of your system, software and firmware updates will need to be made, and eventually your system will require maintenance. To support you, we designed an industry-leading proactive support program to back our customer-centric approach and guarantee your system.

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