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Are you tired of hiding your speakers behind decorations, walking around your home with earphones, and entertaining guests with music playing from a small Bluetooth speaker? Your phone may play any song you could ask, but blasting poor audio can give you a headache after a long day.

We help homeowners enjoy high-fidelity audio throughout their homes with reliable, design-friendly sound systems.

When we design your home speaker system, you will:

  • Maintain a clean aesthetic
  • Enjoy a transformative audio experience
  • Stream music from the same platforms you know and love
  • Play music in one room, or broadcast it across your home

Our Four-Step Plan To Build Your Transformative Home Speaker System



Book a consultation and let us help answer your questions while working together to create a custom solution.



We will work together to design your home’s speaker system that will maintain your clean, modern aesthetic while providing the control you envisioned. 



We will brainstorm multiple ideas of how to wire your system and allow you to choose where your budget will be best utilized.



We’ll come to your home and install your systems over a typical 1-4 day period. 

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Explore the Benefits of Installing a Home Speaker System

Adding Value to Your Home

A home speaker system is a luxurious addition to your home, and if you are looking for a return on your investment, an in-wall speaker system can bring both short and long-term benefits. Should you choose to sell your home, a properly integrated sound system can differentiate your property from the competition and drive your selling price higher. For the foreseeable future, you can enjoy the benefits of a transformative audio experience from the comfort of your home.

Simple Control

With an integrated home speaker system, you can control the sound of each room from your Android or IOS device. You will be able to play different audio in each room, or broadcast the same tunes throughout your home.

Hidden Speakers

Interior design is a large part of your home experience, and you may be tired of hiding speakers behind decorations. We install speakers that are completely invisible! These speakers are installed beneath the drywall, patched and painted right over. The best part — they offer incredibly high fidelity sound. There is a myriad of traditional and innovative in-ceiling speaker solution options for every application and budget. To learn more about invisible speakers, check out Nakymatone speakers which are designed and manufactured in Toronto.

Smart Home System Control  

A smart home operating system integrates all of the technology in your home, giving you the control you need to turn lights on and off, adjust your heating or cooling, and arm your security system — even if you aren’t at home. These systems can function off of your smartphone — IOS or Android — and can be convenient and fun for the whole family. 

For convenience and reliability, you need, we would recommend using Control4. Our team has years of experience designing, installing and programming home automation systems with Control4, building a proven track record of its stability.

Solutions & Guarantees  vs Products & Promises

In your integrated home automation system, there are a multitude of technologies that come together to improve your in-home living. Sleeping better, saving energy, feeling safer — there are numerous benefits to what a smart home can offer you and your family. When we interconnect individual smart devices on your home’s network, we create a reliable solution for you to live better. 

When it comes to smart home technology, no one can promise their system will never malfunction. 

To continue to provide you with the full benefit of your system, software and firmware updates will need to be made, and eventually your system will require maintenance. To support you, we designed an industry-leading proactive support program to back our customer-centric approach and guarantee your system.

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