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Custom Configured Home Theatre Seating!

You have the perfect picture and the perfect sound, now let’s not forget you and your guests need to be in pure comfort! Sounds Good is proud to feature home theatre seating in custom configurations starting as low at $899.97 per seat.  We only sell theatre seating that is at least full grain leather through the seat and custom sizes and colours can be special ordered.  Most people prefer leather but custom fabrics can be specified.  All of our seating options include cup holders and storage for blankets or snacks!

” Big Theatre Comfort in your Own Home. ”

How is your room going to be used?

You should give some thought to how your room will be used.  Will it be just for the people living in the home, or will this room become a hang out for movie nights and sporting or television events?  It is important to consider this because you may want to look at doing 3 or 4 seat couch set-ups vs 3 or 4 individual seat set-ups as you can squeeze extra people onto couches during those special events.  It is also important to consider who will be the primary user in the room.  Usually 1 seat in particular gets the absolute best sound and viewing angle so it may be wise to consider this seat as well.

What is the best use of space?

Risers or stages are the best way to maximize the space in your theatre room for your theatre seating.  Two rows of theatre seating are the most popular but three rows or seats can work if you have ceilings nine feet or higher. When creating multiple rows of theatre seating it is wise to stager them. For example three (3) seats in the front and four (4) seats in the back so that the back rows is looking between the people in the row in front.  At Sounds Good we have a lot of experience figuring out the best theatre seating configurations and we will work with you to maximize your space, and your budget.

” Custom Configure your Home Theatre Seating. ”
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