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Home Theatre Installation in Burlington

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Doors closing, dishes clamouring, and dogs barking — in the final moments of the big game or during the last words of a falling hero, cinephiles and sports fanatics alike can’t bear distractions from the moments they look forward to all year. Enjoying your TV in a shared space has its benefits, but if you want to connect deeper to your film or feel like you are in the game — it’s time to upgrade.

We help homeowners enjoy transformative audio/visual experiences from their homes through reliable, integrated entertainment systems.

When we design your home theatre, you will:

  • Connect deeper to films and feel like you are at the game
  • Stream from the same, familiar content platforms like Netflix and Crave
  • Enjoy a place free of distractions to enjoy the entertainment you love

Our Four-Step Plan To Build Your Home Cinema in Burlington



Book a consultation and let us help answer your questions while working together to create a custom solution for your home theatre.



We will work together to design your home theatre system to provide the comfort, sound, and screen size you envisioned.



We’ll come to your home and install your systems over a typical 1-4 day period.



Following installation, a lead technician will walk you through your home’s system to ensure you are satisfied and confident in operating your system.

Cosy home theatre room showing off the beautiful Red velvet theatre seating with projector and screen.
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Frequently Asked Questions When Designing Your Home Theatre

How Do You Budget for Equipment?

Aside from the first time you sit down in your new theatre room with that bowl of popcorn, choosing equipment is one of the most exciting parts of the process. One thing to keep in mind is that sound will be the most important part of your system. Most entry-level televisions and projectors offer great video quality, whereas the differences between entry-level speakers and amplifiers are drastic.

The only way to choose the right speakers is to listen to them. We work with you to develop a speaker package that offers you the best sound for your budget and preferences. Find the speaker that is right for you by visiting our Experience Centre in Oakville, Ontario.

How Big Can My Screen Be?

This is undoubtedly one of our most popular questions. Some organizations have attempted to come up with rules for screen size and viewing distance, but we have found over our 15 years of experience, personal preference and aesthetics play the most important role in this decision. Our theatre designers will help you make the right decision by providing you with all of your options.

Why You Need a Home Theatre In Burlington

Occupying the shoreline between Oakville and the core of Hamilton, the City of Burlington is a place that has experienced a massive boom in the housing market. Burlington residents need a way to make their property stand out from the rest as people move out of the city into larger, comfortable homes. The advantage of integrating the conveniences of today’s home automation systems is that you can increase your home’s property value, while improving your in-home living.

Solutions & Guarantees  vs Products & Promises

In your integrated home automation system, there are a multitude of technologies that come together to improve your in-home living. Sleeping better, saving energy, feeling safer — there are numerous benefits to what a smart home can offer you and your family. When we interconnect individual smart devices on your home’s network, we create a reliable solution for you to live better. 

When it comes to smart home technology, no one can promise their system will never malfunction. 

To continue to provide you with the full benefit of your system, software and firmware updates will need to be made, and eventually your system will require maintenance. To support you, we designed an industry-leading proactive support program to back our customer-centric approach and guarantee your system.

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